5 Date Ideas for Spring


Walking home one evening after work, I could barely keep myself from running. I was newly engaged and my fiancée had just returned from a three-week work trip to Brazil. Adam had come into town that afternoon and at that moment was also walking toward me, meeting me halfway so that he could walk me home. It was a joyful reunion – one that we continued later that evening at the park with some wine, strawberries and cheese.

There, together on the blanket and soaking up the sun’s evening rays, we discussed his trip, wedding plans and dreams for our future. The fresh air, flowers and sinking sun provided the perfect backdrop for our date.

Now that spring is finally here again, I’m itching to get back outside and soak up some much-needed Vitamin D. Hopefully Adam and I can get a few outdoor dates in this summer before all-too-soon fall returns. So here is our list of a few outdoor date ideas.

  1. A concert in the park. Many cities and parks provide free concerts throughout the summer. Pack a blanket and picnic lunch and let the music move you.
  2. Get active. Whether it’s bike riding down a trail, hiking or renting a canoe or paddle boat, doing an outdoor activity can be a great way to get some exercise in and release endorphins. Going on a walk hand-in-hand is another romantic option. Some of Adam’s and my best conversations have happened while walking together.
  3. Be a kid again. Try kite flying, going to the zoo or getting ice cream. For those who live near the ocean, go to the beach! These are great playful date ideas, sure to bring about ample opportunity for flirtation.
  4. Compare tastes. While window shopping through a fun district of town or over drinks on an outdoor patio get to know each other (again). Whatever it may be, take the time to talk and listen to one another.
  5. Under the stars. Go stargazing or turn up your car radio and dance under the moonlight. Nothing like a little romance to end the evening.

Why not take advantage of the fresh air to freshen up your relationships? After all, they say that spring is the time of love! The season is a great opportunity to try something out of the ordinary, reconnect after the long winter or discover something new about the other and make some lasting memories while you’re at it.


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