5 O’Clocks are Meant to be Shared


“I Believe in Love because 5 o’clocks are meant to be shared.”

5 o’clock AM and PM are both special times in my family’s household.

I remember as a little girl waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Against the dark rooms of the house and the still-night scenery in the windows, the bright warm glow of the kitchen radiated. It was morning-silent. Most of the coffee was already poured, and muffins and cinnamon rolls were in the oven baking. I knew stumbling into the kitchen that my parents had gone for their usual 5 AM coffee walk and talk. Usually, they would wait until they got back to wake my siblings and me up for school, but this time I was up before they got back.

I remember sitting in that golden room with The Today Show playing softly on the TV and thinking, “This is something special.”

At the time, I didn’t know what was special. I chalked it up to it being early in the morning or my tired eyes. But as I have gotten older, I have realized that in those moments I encountered the depth of my parents’ relationship and love for one another. There is something comforting about knowing that your parents want to spend time with each other, but without you. That they enjoy just being with themselves that makes you feel safe and secure. Knowing their love for each other gives you a sense of your worth.

Then, every night at 5 PM when the kitchen glowed with the sound of the news and the smell of food cooking in the oven once again—Mom and Dad were once again having time together. They would have a cocktail or soda of their choice and reconnect over the events of the day.

I have always known that my parents loved each other and how much they admired one another. To this day, my mom still tells me that she married my dad because he had “a good soul.” And my dad always says he remarked, “She is mine” when she walked into the restaurant he was at.

But more than just their stories, they also have shown me this in their acts of service to one another–the way they tease each other, and their amazing ability to be on the same page about everything (including curfew). I have seen it when my mom was losing her hair from cancer and in the midst of her crying my dad scooped her up, gave her a new hat he had been waiting to present her with, an iPod with their favorite love songs on it, and a gentle kiss. I have seen it lived out in their communication about 20 different sporting events that all needed attending to in one weekend or my dad’s ideas for his business.

I saw it at 5 AM and again at 5 PM. Every day.

Our house has been embraced by the warmth of their friendship and their love. The quality time that they spent together in the early morning and in the evening became the tone of how they would spend their days and their nights. Their times of intimate communication together taught me how to be a good wife, and the type of affection my husband should have for me.

I believe in love because I believe that I can find a best friend that I want to spend all my 5’s with. I believe that I can find a man that loves me as much as my father loves my mom, and I can love a man as much as my mom loves my dad. I believe in love because I have seen it in my parents every morning at 5 AM and every evening at 5 PM.


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