A Gift of Time and Thoughtfulness

A few Saturday’s ago I joined three other ladies for coffee. It was a special gift from our husbands: time to get out of the house without the kids and just sit and leisurely chat with friends.  We talked about our children, books we’ve recently read, education and much more.

Photo credit: Dreamstime.com
Photo credit: Dreamstime.com

It wasn’t the first time our husbands made the effort to show us how much they appreciated us. There have been surprise girls nights out to dinner and trips to the salon for manicures and pedicures. All of these outings have been initiated and planned by our husbands.

While I thoroughly enjoy a little pampering and girl time, what really makes mornings like that Saturday meaningful is just relishing the thought that my husband loves me and appreciates me so much to say, “Go have fun. Get out of the house. You deserve it.”

I wish I could say that I took more initiative to plan my own moments away, but I don’t. Often I get so caught up in being a wife and mother that I forget it’s important to take time for myself. Thankfully, my husband recognizes when I need a break and makes sure I get one.

fall2012-35Although I was only gone for about two and a half hours, everyone in my family won. Not only did I feel valued and loved by my husband, but I also came home refreshed and rejuvenated. This was clear as I was more patient with my son and husband, and I found little ways throughout the following days to make sure my husband knew how much I loved him, too.

Sometimes in our relationships we get bogged down by the everyday mundane tasks – the dishes, the laundry, the diapers— that we forget to let our significant other know how much they mean to us. We forget just how far a little effort goes. It’s a small investment with a big a return.



Kara is an Iowan-in-training, but a Minnesotan at heart. She loves to travel, create delectable desserts and meals, play piano, read and spend time with her growing family. Kara is part of I Believe in Love because she knows the joy and peace that comes from walking hand-in-hand with her true love in marriage and wants to encourage others to find the same.
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