A Message From The I Believe in Love Team


After five years showing the world what it means to believe in love, it is with a heavy
heart that we are announcing that I Believe in Love is ceasing publication.

We are very proud of the positive message about dating, love, and marriage that we have shared
through the personal experiences of our many storytellers. What we’ve learned through their stories is:

Marriage isn’t dead.

Lifelong love is real.

We are not alone in this journey.

We know that our team of writers, editors and our many readers are only a small part of a growing movement of young people yearning for an alternative to the current dating and marriage culture.

Their stories matter. Your story matters.

We believe our real-life experiences about what it means to love ourselves and others are meant to be shared. We are keeping the many stories I Believe in Love contributors have shared online so that they
may continue to inspire others to grow in love.

Thank you to all those who have shared a better story about lasting love in America. Though
this chapter may be at a close, we know the rest of the book remains to be written.

With much love,

The I believe in Love Team

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