A Poem in Memory of a Friend Lost to Drug Abuse

I’m dedicating this poem to the memory of a good friend of mine who I recently lost to heroin. She was one of those friends who, even if you don’t see them for a long time, you could pick up right where you left off the next time your lives crossed path. She died after getting the last high that gets so many of my friends. If we do not educate people about this heroin epidemic, we are never going to get through it. I am sick of losing more and more friends. I wrote this poem to celebrate her life and my friendship with her.  

To my friend, gone but not forgotten:

Where do I even start, I really don’t know.

There are so many memories, I just can’t say.

There isn’t enough time in the day.


Our days go clear back to the rodeos. Hell I remember being kicked back on the flat bed

we were always up to no good but we did sure have a blast.

I think the whole reason you loved that car was because of the bright pink sticker that read ‘Redneck Barbie.’

Oh and I can never forget you swapping out my hoodies for tank tops!


We have so many great memories together. I have to say the best was meeting your perfect mini-me.

I‘ve never seen you so proud as I did that day, that is just how I will always remember you.

Now four years old, a beautiful little girl.

The only way I am finding peace through all this is that baby.

And your mom and sister because I know they will need me too.


I never failed to have a smile on my face as long as you were around.

But boy if you was pissed though I feel bad for whoever got you rawr’d up.

Nothing ever changed between us,

I love you forever and a day


I could share our stories all day, but ain’t nobody wanna hear me speak all day.

But if it were you standing up here right now we all know you wouldn’t care

You would be talkin’ all day, tellin’ it like it is.


Love always and forever,


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