When I Hit Rock Bottom, These Words Gave Me Hope

Finding someone special to go through life with is truly remarkable. Having someone who knows you inside and out, who is by your side as you navigate this journey of life is incredible. It is one of the most meaningful things we will do in our time here on Earth.

Unfortunately, it can lead to some of the worst pain if your relationship is not properly built and maintained. It all came crashing down for me when my relationship of several years came to an abrupt end with a nasty split.

When she left for good, it was a shock I wasn’t ready for. I blamed myself for the many reasons why our relationship ended. I can remember night after night, drinking solely to get drunk. The taste didn’t matter as long as it “numbed the pain.”

There were a few times I drank myself into total oblivion and ended up blacked out on the floor. Each time, I would call my brother in Texas and tell him what happened. He would continually tell me, well, “Today is a great day to continue with what you’ve already learned.”

Part of me hated him each time he would say that; it sounded so cliché. If anyone other than my brother had told me that, I would’ve called them a hippy and dismissed them. But, this was my brother. If nothing else, he was one of my only friends I knew cared if I was still alive or not. He seemed to be the only one in my corner despite knowing so much of who I really am.

After several months repeating this pattern, I began to feel the crushing weight of the drinking and depression. And the pain wasn’t going away. I never found myself saying, “Today I will not drink.” Instead, I found something to fill the gap. For me, that was working out. I started simple with a quick walk every day and eventually progressed to longer and more strenuous work outs.

Over time, I found myself in the rubble of my life. When I failed one day or slipped back into drinking, I remembered what my brother told me: My journey wasn’t over—it was just a great place to pick myself back up.

There were several times when I felt as though I was right back in my old habits of drinking. But I would reach out to my brother when that happened. He continued to help me see I was never too far gone to change my future. And that motivated me to be a better man than I was yesterday.

Here’s what I know now: Every second of every day is a chance to make a better decision than the last.




Editor’s Note: If suspect that you or a loved one are suffering from depression, visit MentalHelp.net for support.

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