An Ordinary Day: The Day We Fell In Love

It was an ordinary day, a day like any other and yet it was that particularly normal day that introduced two college students to one another, and a love story began.  Zach_and_Madeline_001

July 21st, 2008, was my first day of my final semester at The International College of Broadcasting.  I arrived early, like I always did during my two years there.  It was approximately 7:30 am, and I was relaxing in my 95’ maroon, Mercury Sable.  The radio was dialed into a classical music frequency and the air was a nice mixture of a warm sunrise and a breathable low humidity level.  I knew I would have almost a half an hour to just recline back in the driver’s seat and be swept away into the calming world of music. And I was almost right.

With my eyes closed, drifting into the world inside of my ear drums, I was brought back to the morning by a sudden and out of nowhere, “Hi!”

Startled to see someone else at the school that early, I returned my seat into a sitting position, and returned the greeting with more of an excited and questioning response.

“Yeah, I’m starting my first semester today,” the young guy explained, “and was wondering why the school isn’t opened yet?”  I couldn’t help but notice that he looked exactly like the character, Scarecrow (portrayed by Cillian Murphy) from the newer Batman movies.

“Well, classes start at 8 am.” I explained to the young stranger.  “And even though the doors say 7:30am, the teachers and staff don’t get here until 7:55am, which is in just a few minutes.  But I’ll walk with you to the front doors.”

As I opened my car door and started walking alongside of this new student I noticed how adorably cute he was- “he must have a girlfriend,” I thought. And this thought served me well.  If I thought that he was available and that I could end up dating him, I would have been very shy and probably have stumbled over my own feet and the whole prospect would have been lost.  But thinking he was perfectly happy in a relationship, I felt very comfortable and confident talking with him.

I showed him to his class, gave him a quick run down of the classes and teachers and then I ran off to my class right across the hall.

At 1:30pm, all classes were released, as on any other ordinary day, and all of the students eagerly found their vehicles and drove off into the rest of their individual days.  Usually, during my previous semesters, I was also one of those students who would make a mad dash for my car and drive away with the school in my rear-view mirror.  But today I lingered by the radio classroom door.  As the first semester kids came out of the radio room, I saw “Scarecrow” and walked with him out to the parking lot while we chatted about our day.

“So, you’ll be here early tomorrow?” he asked me, I said I would, and as we both drove away, I realized-we don’t even know each other’s names! But something told me there would be other early mornings to fix that problem.

Madeline and Zach collage

Thankfully, there were more early mornings waiting for the doors to open. We went through new jobs, lost jobs, and financial difficulties together.  December 12, 2009 brought our wedding and then our baby girl, Elizabeth arrived July 15th, 2011.  We’ve had our moments of joy and of sadness, like any couple will, but we’ve made a choice to stick together through it all.  I like to remember that the God of the mountain is still the God in the valley, and so, a friendship turned into a romance, and now “Scarecrow” (whose real name is Zachary) is my husband and the father of our daughter.  It still amazes me that I met the extraordinary man in my life on such an ordinary day!

So that’s our story, what’s yours? I love hearing how other people have met and fallen in love, so leave a note in the comments!


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An Ordinary Day: The Day We Fell In Love

It was an ordinary day, a day like any other and yet...
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  • Beautiful, beautiful story, Madeline, and so beautifully told. The first time I met David was when I was visiting our college and he was a freshmen. He was sitting in the lobby reading the newspaper and he greeted me and my mom. After we left, my mom and I started laughing because we thought he was so dorky. I said, “I hope not all the guys at this school are as nerdy as he is!” Little did I know….

  • I love the thought that extraordinary things can happen on ordinary days! I met my husband at church… We had a couple of mutual friends who thought we would get along, but my then-future husband had other ideas. He thought I looked like a total nerd, so he tried to escape, dragging our other friends out the door while they tried to hold him down. When I emerged from the sanctuary, he realized he had to stick around so we could be introduced. And the rest, as they say, is history!

  • Madeline, you are an extraordinary storyteller! I love it. And I love this line: “the God of the mountain is still the God in the valley.”

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