An Ordinary Superhero Couple

This is priceless. The cartoon video tells the true story of Danny, who was on his deathbed at the time the audio was recorded, and his marriage to Annie. This is one of those five-minute videos that you’ll be glad that you watched.

One of my favorite parts is when Danny says about Annie,

“She lights up the room in the morning when she tells me to put both pants on, and holds me so that she can support me. She lights up my life when in the night she says, Wouldn’t you like a little ice cream? Or, Would you please drink more water? I mean, those aren’t very romantic things to say, but they stir my heart.”

There’s nothing out of the ordinary about this couple: they’re not rich—he’s a horse-betting clerk, she’s a nurse. They live in a Brooklyn apartment.  “I always said the only thing I have to give you is a poor gift,” Danny says to Annie, “and it’s myself. And I always gave it.” But his poor gift, enriched with each letter he wrote for every day of their twenty-seven years of marriage, makes their life rich.

At YouTube, the second most liked comment about the video is this:

I’m a very bitter, cynical man. I’ve had a rough life and made some bad choices. I don’t often get emotional. But this… this I can get behind. This is beautiful. Thank you for this. I really did enjoy it.

Yes, ordinary love is extraordinarily beautiful. Through ordinary acts of faithful love, even horse-betting clerks and nurses can make their love last—and become heroes.

Do you know any “ordinary superhero” couples? How do they show each other love?

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