Being Around You Makes Me Feel

Being around you
makes me feel inadequate.
You don’t brag;
you just are.
I don’t “just are”
I feel.
I am 99% feels
and 100% rules and logic
How are we friends?

photo by Veronica

Being around you makes me feel
to be more
to do more
to flirt
to be with you
or maybe just to be you
or anyone like you

Being around you
makes me feel.
I guess that’s a good thing?
But there is only so much feel
a girl can take
Believe me, I know.
Can you help me?
rein in the feels
or satiate them.

flower veronica

Staying here
where I am
longing and lonely
wistful and unworthy
is too much.
I need to get rid of these feelings
or find a soulmate to share their burden
and maybe the burden will become a blessing
if I share it with him.
The most beautiful love is born from the sharing of souls
and my soul is made up of feels.


Veronica is a nomad who has accidentally ended up in North Carolina. She likes long walks in the woods and taking pictures of strangers. Veronica joined I Believe in Love because she is too opinionated to keep her thoughts to herself, yet too polite to shout them from the street corner.

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