Best Date Ever: One Romantic Dinner


I sat at my work desk and gulped. The screen had gone black and across it were some words about a virus. I didn’t really understand what the words meant, all I knew it was bad and that I needed to call IT fast.

But how was I going to explain that the reason for this attack was that I had been so excited for a date that I had been downloading menus from potential restaurants in the Twin Cities that my boyfriend was planning to take me to that night? Well, I didn’t explain it. I just let the IT guy do his thing, and thankfully in 20 minutes all was well. And two hours later I was on my way to Minnesota, ready to go on one of the most memorable dates of Adam’s and my relationship.

It’s hard to narrow it down to just one “best” date. There’s our first coffee date together, where we spent three hours just talking and learning about one another. At the end it felt like we had only been there three minutes, and I left more intrigued about this mysterious man than when I arrived. Then there was our 5-year marriage anniversary date last summer. As we left the restaurant Adam had me choose between “competition” or “music.” I chose competition and he took me to a mini golf course on the outskirts of the city. We had never done that before and had a blast.

But that date in Minnesota sticks out in my mind not only because curiosity got the best of me (“curiosity killed the cat” has got the best of me more than once!), but because the restaurant ultimately remained a surprise – and due to my curious nature surprising me is difficult to accomplish, much to my husband’s chagrin! Adam had also been thoughtful, calling a friend to get restaurant recommendations, and then when he made reservations, asked for “romantic seating.” Tucked away in a corner booth, we were able to eat delicious food and have a deep and intimate conversation. We even learned something new and embarrassed ourselves in the process when the waiter asked us if we preferred black napkins instead of white ones. After dinner we took in Phantom of the Opera, but being two young “kids” we could only afford tickets in the very last row.

Still, it was perfect for us. And it wasn’t perfect because it was romantic or fancy. Looking back on our relationship, the best dates we’ve been on are ones where mystery or newness, thoughtfulness and quality time have been involved. I like it when Adam has taken the time to think about me and plan something he thinks I’ll enjoy, even if that means staying in and cooking one of my favorite meals. In fact, we rarely go to movies together because if we’re actually able to get away from the kids for a while we want to be able to talk to each other and reconnect. It’s being together and really focusing on the other that makes the date great for me, no matter how grandiose or simple the date is.

Have I learned to keep my curiosity in check? Well, I’ve certainly become better, but I’m not perfect. Adam wasn’t pleased when he learned I was trying to uncover his surprise all those years ago. Still, it’s made for a good memory and something we still laugh about to this day.



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