Better Version of Myself

shea joe cream puffThis is me: type A, major planner, stereotypical oldest child, worried about being perfect, sometimes overly practical. But this is him: as laid back as you can get, positive about everything, youngest child, flies by the seat of his pants, always coming up with the next idea to conquer. Somehow, we fell in love and got married.

I’m not sure that we could be any more opposite. But, all of the things that drive me absolutely nutty about how he doesn’t plan out our weekend two weeks in advance, or somehow come up with an idea, execute it, and excel at it without ever thinking of any of the negatives of what could happen, or just be spontaneous, is exactly why I love him and need him in my life. And, the things that drives him bananas about me, like even thinking of what we will be doing two weeks from now, or anticipating anything that could go wrong about a specific plan, is exactly why he loves and needs me. He has calmed me down and I have helped him anticipate.

shea and josephMy mom made mention of this just the last time that I was home. She noted how much more mellow I have become.  Before getting married, I would get anxious if something did not go the way I thought it would … or should. But now, she sees me go with the flow and roll with the punches. This, she said, is my husband’s influence. I could not agree more.

Marriage is supposed to bring out the best side of you. My marriage helped (and still continues to do so) prepare me for motherhood, where another personality is in my life. I cannot control everything – and my way is not the only highway.  My husband has helped me become a better version of myself, and I know that there is much more room for improvement.

Is there something that your significant other has taught you in your relationship?

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Better Version of Myself

This is me: type A, major planner, stereotypical oldest child, worried about...
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  • Couldn’t agree more about how you and Joseph balance one another out. You have been, and continue to be, one of the greatest examples of a relationship that loves and builds one another up. xoxo.

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