How She Helped Me Get Clean

Meth. Heroine. Percocet’s. Opana’s. Acid.

You name the drug—I’ve probably tried it. Starting at sixteen, my morning ritual went something like this: wake up, smoke a whole bowl of meth, and snort some Perc 30s. I was going through a gram of meth within a few days. (The typical person might go through a gram in a few weeks.) To top it off, when I got home from school, I got my hands on the hardest liquor I could find and downed it.

I hung out with a group of kids that encouraged my habits and often introduced me to more of them. In retrospect, you could say I was an “effed up” individual. I hated myself inside for everything I had done.

But then I met Jazmin. I was working at Popeye’s Chicken ‘N Biscuits, she was working at the Kroger’s in the same strip mall. I sometimes saw her during my lunch break. One day, I noticed that she looked really sad. I asked if she was okay. She shook her head and said that her boyfriend had just broken up with her.

“Well, I don’t know why any guy would do that to a nice girl like you,” I said. She smiled.

I walked away, but as I looked back I noticed that she was still looking at me. Somehow, I gathered up the courage to go back and talk to her.

“Could I have your number?” I asked. We started dating soon afterwards.

I quit meth the day I started talking with Jazmin. “I don’t want to lose her,” I thought to myself.

Tyler and Jasmine
Tyler and Jazmin

She didn’t judge me—she was patient and so understanding with me. She helped me understand that I was on a path of self-destruction and that I could have something better: a good, healthy life. And I wanted it to be with her. She helped me quit my habits, and remained confident in me and by my side. She makes me want to do so much better in life.

Every night, as I lie down to go to bed, I thank God for this woman. Because of her, I went from spending nearly $300 of every pay check on drugs, to planning on getting our first apartment together.

I have dropped those so-called “friends” for the real friends that I lost over the years. I am looking for a better career to help support Jazmin and to give her everything she deserves. She is my strength when I feel like I have none. She is my reason to live—Jazmin and now my unborn daughter, who is due in mid-December.

My advice? Find the person who sees you and all the things you can accomplish. And keep that person who helps you strive to actually accomplish those things.


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  • That Is Absoulutely Amazing To Just Quit Everything Cold Turkey For A Girl You Just Met That’s What You Call Love At First Sight Amazing Beautiful God Bless You Both On Your Future And Being New Parents ! Also Great Metaphor Congrats On Getting Clean Some Ppl Can’t Do It That Easy But When You Find The Right Support System It Makes You More Motivated To Clean Up For The Ones You Love Again God Bless !

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