Should Sexting Just Be a Given?

demand sexting

Sexting has become so common that guys often expect it. Many women have begun to believe that if they want to have any type of relationship that they will need to send nude photos. They are often afraid that if they say no, a guy won’t talk to them anymore.

I’ve experienced this pressure too. The worst is when random men will send me message requests on Facebook. When they notice that you accepted the request to read the message they take that as a green light and start sending messages about sexting one another. I have received pictures of random guys with their private parts out that I didn’t ask for. If you don’t respond the way they want, that is when the harassment starts.

But I realized that if a man likes you, you should be able to be yourself and say no without being rejected over it. These guys weren’t interested in a future with me, so I started blocking and deleting people who were harassing me for photos of myself.

One of the things that intrigued me about my current boyfriend when we were first getting to know each other is he never once asked me to send him nude photos. When he did ask for a picture, I was surprised and relieved when he said he wanted one “just of you.” He showed me he wasn’t like the other guys. He was interested in a future with me, not just my body.

There are still gentlemen out there, who don’t demand sexting as a condition of the relationship. You shouldn’t have a partner that pressures you into doing something that you are not comfortable doing. If they do, they aren’t worth your time. They should respect your choices, just like my boyfriend respects mine.

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