Despite Divorce Rates, Most Young Adults Still Want to Marry

Sometimes I get tired of reading bad news.  My bones feel achy and my back hurts and I feel half a century older than I actually am.  So I’d like to share some good news.

The good news is that despite the divorce rates, most young adults are still choosing to “believe in love.” According to the Knot Yet Report, 80 percent of young-adult men and women continued to rate marriage as an “important” part of their life plans; almost half of them described it as “very important.”

And while more and more young adults are delaying marriage, when a proposal does happen, it is celebrated. Just look at how popular You Tube proposal videos are! One of my favorites is Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal, which now has over twenty and a half MILLION views.

And wedding videos are oh so popular, as well. I love this one of my friends’ Ted and Caitie’s wedding in New York City.

Ted & Caitie from Charlotte Mayfield on Vimeo.

Of course, the proposal and the wedding are just the beginning. And the details, however fun, are really not all that important. My grandparents have been happily married over sixty years. My grandpa, who was a farmer of modest means, proposed on Valentine’s Day with a simple ring (and without a flashmob). He and my grandma married in a church on a Sunday afternoon. There was no fancy reception, no dancing or alcohol—just a small gathering of family and friends to witness and support a new marriage.

So as we young adults chase our dreams of lifelong marriage, it’s good for us to celebrate the milestones, and yet to remember that what makes a marriage work is not chic tabletop décor at an expensive wedding reception. What makes it work are those same things my grandparents had: unconditional love and commitment, mutual trust, patience with one another and a willingness to forgive.

They believed in love. They lived love. Now they are reaping the rewards of lifelong love.

We can do the same.

What do you think, is marriage a life goal of yours? Why or why not? 

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Despite Divorce Rates, Most Young Adults Still Want to Marry

Sometimes I get tired of reading bad news.  My bones feel achy...
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  • Glad you enjoyed it, Jenn! I find it really hopeful that even though so many of us young adults experienced our parents’ divorce, or a friends’ parents’ divorce, we still want to build lasting love and stable families. We’re all in this together!

  • I love this article Amber! Though coming from a broken home marriage was always a part of my plans in life, a commitment between two people growing and sharing their lives together is what I feel we were all meant to experience and deserve to experience! This is a great thing to see!

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