Dinner for Two

DatingWhen I think of date night, I think of a fancy restaurant, a night out on the town, an expensive steak. But that’s not always reality. We can’t all always afford a night like that, especially when you have kids.

But it’s still important to spend quality time together. It’s important to set aside time to keep that connection strong. Otherwise, when you’ve been together for awhile it’s easy to disconnect, especially when you’re busy. It can feel like you’ve lost interest in each other.

My boyfriend and I have a family, jobs, doctor’s appointments, chores around the house, and all the responsibilities that come with being parents. It’s hard to focus on our relationship, especially when money is tight.

Our solution is to have “date night in.” That expensive restaurant steak costs a lot less when you grill it yourself at home. We put the kids to bed or have our parents watch them, talk while we make our food, and then enjoy dinner in our room and watch a movie afterwards.

red river picHere’s one of our favorite recipes. I love steak and my boyfriend loves asparagus so it’s something we both can look forward to. And it’s easy to make anywhere. I even made it on a camping trip to Red River Gorge, Kentucky. With the money you save from date nights in, you can plan and enjoy the occasional “date night out!”

T-bone steak, Grilled asparagus, Grilled corn on the cob

T- bone steak ( any size)
1 bottle Garlic and herb Lawry’s marinade
1 bunch of asparagus stalks
2 ears of corn on the cob with husk still on

1. Marinate steak in gallon baggies with 3/4 the Lawry’s. Put in refrigerator for about an hour or overnight if desired.
2. Heat grill on medium high heat. Place marinated steak on grill. DO NOT CLOSE LID it will burn it. Turn often.
3. Place corn on the cob with husk on grill towards the back of grill. Turn frequently to cook evenly.
4. Place asparagus in foil with the remaining Lawry’s and wrap in the foil. Place on grill by the corn. Turn occasionally.
5. Remove steak when desired doneness is finished.
6. Close grill lid for corn and asparagus for about 5 min. Then remove from grill.
7. Remove the husk from the corn. Butter and salt to taste.
8. Enjoy date night in!!

Now that I’ve shared our favorite “date night in” idea, I’d love to hear from you. How will you spend your date night in?

I Believe in Love tip: Couples (particularly married couples) who hang out as a couple at least once a week are likely to say “We’re very happy in our relationship.” All the more reason to make sure you get in a date…even if it’s a date in…this weekend!


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