Does It Really Matter If He’s Taller Than You?


Like many young girls, I had a clear idea of qualities my ideal future husband would have and what he would look like. As I grew in age and wisdom, I began to focus more on qualities like character and less on dashing good looks.

Still, one physical characteristic that I couldn’t let go was height. I really wanted to marry a man taller than me!

The few times I was with my future husband Adam before he was deployed, I’d try to gauge his height by sight. But his handsome smile and interesting stories distracted me, so I was left more uncertain than before about who was taller.

As I’ve written previously, we kept in contact through letters and emails while he was away. I found myself falling hard for him. The biggest, most petty concern I had all throughout the months and months we wrote one another was still Adam’s height. I felt silly, even ridiculous, caring so much about something so insignificant.

Why did this concern linger in my mind? I started to reflect on why it mattered so much to me that my future husband was taller than me. I realized I wanted a man who could take care of me and keep me safe. I realized his height was a symbol of the protective role I wanted my future husband to have in my life. By protection I don’t mean being shielded from reality, but rather I desired a man who would put me before himself. This shouldn’t be confused with a man who is possessive. No, I wanted a man who loved me so much he was willing to lay down his life for me.

It turns out Adam was definitely taller than me, but even as time went on, my juvenile requirement became less important to me. He was too good a catch for me to get caught up with trifling physical concerns. Plus, a husband’s ability to protect his wife does not depend on his height. It depends on his heart. The tallest man in the world has the potential to also be the worst husband in world if he does not have a pure love in his heart for his wife. Just as the shortest man in the world can be the best at protecting and loving his wife. Thankfully, my husband’s heart was just the right size for me.



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