Easy Date Ideas for Married Couples

Who says dating stops when you are married? In fact, I have found that making time for dates has been a really important part of keeping our marriage healthy. Remember last year when I wrote about dating your spouse? Well, my husband, Joseph, and I took our own advice this week. We went on a date. No baby. Just us. It was needed and are truly grateful for that time together.

Shea Horizontal-Cheap datesJoseph found out that the band who sang the song that we used for our first dance at our wedding reception was in town. With $12 tickets, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go and see them live. It was a refreshing evening of reminiscing, talking about our work/life balance, and the projects that we want to do on our future house. We got a lot out of an uninterrupted 45 minute dinner together at the bar before seeing a great band!

But, on one paycheck and a half (including my part-time jobs), every date cannot include dinner, drinks, and a concert. Here are 3 other super simple date ideas that will give you some quality time alone and won’t break the bank:

1. Coffee and the Newspaper.

If you’re like us, you don’t usually splurge on a newspaper subscription. And, I know that you can get the news faster online, but sometimes it’s great to relax with a coffee in hand and a newspaper open in front of your face. Plus, isn’t it fun to date in the morning? Start your day off with your spouse.

2. Go outside.

My favorite season is summer. My husband’s favorite season is winter. Regardless of the season, one of us is always pushing the other into some outdoor activity. A run by the river? Great. An evening of ice skating at the nearest frozen lake? Fabulous. A walk through the neighborhood of our dream houses, regardless of the season? Perfect. We try to be good about turning off our phones during any of these activities. The world can go on without us. This time is for us – and not the latest posting on social media, which we are so tempted to see.

3. Go for a drive.

Find out when sunset (or sunrise, for that matter) is and drive. Drive out of the city, on a lesser-known highway, to no where in particular. You never know – you may end up seeing the most perfect view or finding your new favorite town. Regardless, you’ll have a new perspective on the sunset you see every day.

If you are out of practice, even the simplest dates can feel like too much effort. But the more you get in the practice setting aside time for one another, the easier it gets and the more you look forward to those special moments! Here are a few more fun and easy date ideas from Verily Magazine.

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