Yes, Going Out on Dates Still Matters

The best date I’ve ever had was a dinner date with my boyfriend and friends.

That might not sound very exciting. But in my previous relationship we never went out on dates. We were both unemployed at the time, so we would just have movie nights at my house or his. I enjoyed that because that is what we could afford, but after that relationship broke up I realized I was looking for something more.

Obviously, the most important thing is to spend quality time together. But it’s only now that I’m with my current boyfriend that I see what dating can really look like. Love isn’t just a word to him, he doesn’t throw it around like my previous boyfriend. He does things to show me how he feels about me. It helps that we met when we were both employed, so we can afford to go out. But the way he treats me doesn’t cost a dime. It’s priceless.

On our dates, he doesn’t have to tell me that our relationship is blossoming. He shows me. He watches to make sure that I enjoy our date just as much as him. He holds my hand and makes sure that I am taken care of. He always pays for the date too. He has shown me that when you love a person you make sure to put them before yourself.

Sitting with my boyfriend on our second or third date, I knew that I was falling in love. His actions speak as loud as his words. My best date ever was the date where our future began and I have not looked back.

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