How I Know He Loves Me Unconditionally

“I’m sad that I’m not pregnant,” I said quietly to my husband the other day.

We’d been trying for several months, and I was beginning to feel hopeless. Sometimes I express my sadness in coherent words, as on this particular evening. Other times I’m not so articulate, and I burst into tears before I can say anything. “What if it never happens?”

This time, as with any time I tell Robert that I’m feeling down or sad about something, he was ready with open arms. “We’ll just keep trying,” he told me as he hugged me. His tone was gentle, and his simple response reminded me that I’m not going through this alone.

What I appreciate most about how Robert shows his support is that, while he’s loving and gentle, he doesn’t treat me with kid gloves. He’s not overly cautious, fearing that I’ll break into tears if he says the wrong thing. Even when I do break into tears, it doesn’t scare him away.

I know he’s there for me, looking out for me and what we hope will be our future child.

One thing he does is to make sure I take the necessary pre-natal vitamins every night, even when I complain about it. As we put dinner on the table in the evenings, he goes over to the cabinet, and when I hear him shake the bottle as he takes out a vitamin, I grumble, “Ugh, I don’t want it!”

I hate swallowing pills and there’s something about vitamins that makes them especially unpleasant to swallow. I’d rather not take them at all, but they’re a necessary part of our trying to conceive. “Just don’t think about it. Down the hatch!” he says, and I do. I love that he can be gentle and compassionate when I need it, and then no-nonsense when I need it at other times.

The love we have for each other is what brought us together, and it’s why we got married. I know I couldn’t do this without him. He reminds me every day, why I want him to be the father of our children.

That unconditional love and support is something I want to make sure our children are born into. As my husband shows me this love by supporting me through this difficult time, be it gently or in a no-nonsense manner, it reminds me that whatever happens, this love will continue.

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