When You’re Too Broke For Your Dream Honeymoon

You are already stressed enough planning your wedding. Then there’s the mountain of pressure to simultaneously plan the perfect, most beautiful, elaborate, fun, Instagram-worthy honeymoon. It was giving me so much extra anxiety just thinking about it. Planning a wedding is hard work on its own without the added task of planning a dream vacation.

I kept thinking about how I wanted to have a “normal” honeymoon experience like what everyone else seems to post pictures of. But our budget made it challenging to find something in our price range, especially during the summer.

We knew we couldn’t blow our bank account on a vacation. Plus, Josh was worried about taking off work during his company’s busiest season. As we wrestled with what to do and what we could afford, we finally realized the customary honeymoon just wasn’t right for us.

This wasn’t what I wanted or expected. Needless to say, I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to have my dream vacation right after our wedding.

But one night, Josh said something that put everything into perspective. He looked at me and said, “Morgan, I don’t care what we do for a honeymoon, where we go or when it is. I’ll be with you and that’s all that matters.”

He was right. A honeymoon isn’t really about going on a Carnival cruise or to Disneyland, although that sure would be a lot of fun. It’s about us. It’s about having uninterrupted time together away from our normal lives to bond and connect. Even if it doesn’t go as planned.

And to be honest, I am so type A and love things to be in order, so the thought of jetting off on a big vacation directly following the wedding—with gifts to organize, wedding decor to store, and thank you notes to write all waiting for me at home—would cause more stress than anything else.

And for him, he figured he’d also be distracted about what he was missing at work. Delaying our honeymoon until we could afford it meant that when we did go, we wouldn’t be stressing about other things and could focus more on each other.

Sure, just like anyone else, I wanted the full-on honeymoon experience. I wanted to try new foods, do new things, and enjoy the chance to bond through a shared adventure with the love of my life. A honeymoon should be exciting and fun, but mostly because of the person you are with. And you don’t need to break the bank to do that.



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