What Honeymoon Havoc Taught Me About Love

We hadn’t been married for even 24 hours when I rolled over in bed to wake my new husband with the exciting news.

“Wake up, sweet love, it’s time for us to start our honeymoon!”

Victor had left all the details up to me, and I was so excited to show off my skills for planning fun.  I was quite proud of what a great deal I scored on a weeklong Disney World vacation package.

He rolled towards me with a contented smile.  

“Well then, let’s go get some of that free hotel breakfast before we head to the airport.”


I suddenly snapped out of my newlywed trance. We had blissfully slept through my alarm because I accidentally had my phone set on silent.

“Victor!” I panicked.  “Our plane leaves in 45 minutes.”

We barely made it on the plane, but the stress was over. Now we could relax.  Usually, I would have freaked out over such a blunder. But when I saw that it didn’t faze Victor, it was then easy to laugh at our near-miss.  It made me feel happy to see that my new companion was not easily ruffled by life’s little hiccups.

Before we knew it, we arrived in sunny Florida. He headed to book the car rental, while I gathered our checked bags.

“They don’t have any rentals,” he told me. “But that’s okay—we’ll just take a cab.”

Perfect.  We hailed one down outside the airport and gave the driver our address.  

“That’s gonna be about $150.”

Gulp.  No, that couldn’t be, I told him, our hotel was only about 8 miles away.  He chuckled and said, “Sweetheart, you are at the Orlando-SANFORD Airport, not the Orlando Airport.  That’s a difference of about 80 miles—happens all the time.  But don’t worry, I’ll try to cut you a deal.”

“Oops,” I shrugged sheepishly.  I was not sure how Victor would react.  Would he be angry the entire hour-long drive to our hotel?  Would he ever let me be in charge of booking another flight? Would he keep bringing it up and not let me forget my mistake?  What joy and contentment I felt when my sweet husband took it in stride and continued to hold my hand and enjoy our honeymoon.

At last we arrived at our hotel. We also needed to pick up our dinner show tickets at the attractions booth in the lobby.

“Got it right here” said the attendant, “One adult ticket for the Arabian Nights.”

“There must be a mistake,” I said.  “There should be two tickets.”  She explained that if we wanted our second ticket, we had to go to a two-hour sales pitch from a guy trying to sell us a timeshare for the resort.  Oh me.  

I looked over my shoulder at Victor.  Now, this should be the last straw.  Any reasonable person would have every right to ask, “Can’t you get anything right?” But he smiled and said, “It’s okay.  It’ll be fun to see what it’s all about.  Plus they are going to give us breakfast.” Okay, so he is not the average human.  I was really quite pleased with my angel husband. 

Was there anything that could rock his world?  Well, the summer tropical storms of Florida tried to.  We walked the mile and a half to the dinner theater location (so as not to incur more taxi fees).  After enjoying a wonderful show, we locked hands again, and set out to walk back to our hotel in the sweet evening air.  And that’s when a tsunami of rain rolled inland. By this time, we just laughed. A sweet older couple with a car took pity on us and gave us a lift.  

We settled in for the night, ready to enjoy a fun-filled day at Disney the next day. That morning, we pulled out our new Sperry Topsiders—our little wedding gift to each other.  About two hours into the endless walking of Disney, we finally just went barefoot as the blisters from our unbroken-in shoes were more painful than the scorching hot pavement. But Victor saw the silver lining in that cloud too.  Really, there were clouds.  He pointed them out, and sure enough, it poured on us, again—but we saw it as the perfect remedy for our aching feet.

After the beautiful nighttime parade, we waited at the front gates for our hotel shuttle ride.  We waited for about two hours for a seat on the bus.  We watched parents fight for seats as each new bus rolled up.  A father with a crying toddler sucker-punched another dad holding a baby because he squeezed in front of him.  When we finally did get back to the hotel that night, I was thankful that it wasn’t my husband who the police were waiting for.  

Now, all this may seem like a series of unfortunate events.  But looking back, I am so glad they all happened. I learned that circumstances do not have to drive a relationship. When everything goes wrong, the right person by your side makes all the difference in the world. We didn’t fully know it then, but we built a stronger marriage from what could have been a disaster of a honeymoon.

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