How A Haircut Helped Us Grow In Love

“Are you sure you’ve watched enough YouTube videos before you start?” my husband asked, skeptically glancing at the hair clippers in my hands.

“Yes, l did,” I responded, slightly annoyed. I was mere seconds away from taking my first attempt at cutting Adam’s hair and now was not the time for him to doubt me.

“I didn’t find them very helpful, though,” I admitted. “They all did it differently. How did you want me to do this again?”

Okay, so maybe my husband’s doubt was a bit justified. Still, he decided to trust me, plus after that first swipe of the clippers, there was no turning back.

Kara's well groomed husband.
Kara’s well groomed husband.

The hair cut was solely intended to be about frugality. An extra $20 every six weeks will definitely be welcome in our house! Yet, as I carefully snipped and clipped my husband’s dark locks, my actions became more than just money-saving. I was surprised at how one little hair cut allowed my love for Adam to deepen. Here was another way for me to care for him. Just as I care for him emotionally by talking about his day and asking about his joys and struggles in life, I also care for him physically by cooking his meals, by making sure he has clean clothes for work, and yes, even by having sex.

But the hair cut was a physical way I had never cared for him before. By taking a risk with this new experience our relationship grew and changed.

Lest you think love was spilling forth from me the entire time, think again. Besides our initial YouTube argument, there were other tense moments when Adam told me I wasn’t doing it right and when we struggled to understand what the other was saying.

“So do you want me to use the scissors or clippers on top?”
“Use the clippers.”
“Okay, but didn’t you originally say the barber uses the scissors?”
“Yeah, you should use the scissors.”
“Wait, so the scissors or the clippers?”
“The clippers.”
“Then why were you letting me use the scissors?”
“You should be using the scissors.”
Sigh. “Just do what you want.”
“But I don’t know what I want. It’s what you want. It’s your hair!”

I’m sure many couples can relate.

But perhaps that was why the experience had an impact on me. We fought, but didn’t let it drag us down. We let love prevail, looking beyond our own ideas and came up with a plan of attack. In the end, we both were satisfied with the results.

The hair cut wasn’t perfect, but it was a good first try. I’m sure it will take many more hair cuts for me to be completely happy with the results, but I’m looking forward to those opportunities to love, care for, and grow with my husband.

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