How a Selfless Decision Made a Family

Katie and Connor 2013

On March 22nd, I gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy. Though I brought him into the world, I wouldn’t be taking him home with me when I left the hospital. Instead, the two amazing people I’d asked to be his parents were there with me, ready to give him the life I’d dreamt for him. I wanted them there. I wanted them to experience the feeling of having a baby and what it was somewhat like, without being hooked up to all the monitors. I wanted his soon to be daddy to cut his umbilical cord and for his soon to be mommy to be the first to hold him. To feel the breathtaking first moments of love and being a mother.

A week before his birth, I met two complete strangers I had only read about in a profile. Out of the six different profiles of parents I could choose from, God made one picture of theirs stand out to me and say, “This is the family for your little boy”.

They had no kids, but were definitely trying. Been married for quite some time and were HUGE into family. Super cute and very sweet. The perfect mom and dad to me or at least close to it. Their jobs didn’t matter to me or where they lived. It was that one photo that made them for this little man in my belly.

I loved them even more after I met them.

At our first meeting they brought a list of names and the three of us picked the right one.

That very next Friday morning I texted her letting her know they would need to pack a hospital bag for our little angel as I headed to the hospital.

They held hands as they stood next to my bed. I gave birth to this perfect 7lb 3oz little boy. After the birth, the feeling in the room was outstanding. The nurses, and doctors knew this was an adoption birth and were all curious to see how this was going, so our room was pretty full!

The days following our birth of this little man we all love was even more wonderful. They stayed in the hospital room right next to me. His mom even tried breastfeeding because it’s been heard that adopting moms start to produce with their adopted children. We stayed up so late with him. They got to see his first bath, hold him, and be parents finally after so long of trying.

The day came though that we’d all have to leave and that our new baby would be going home with his new mom and dad. I would be going home realizing just how hard it was. I took so many photos with him in the hospital before I couldn’t get to anymore. I still have them and they mean so much to me.

I was in depression for a week, and my mother had to help me because I was such a wreck. She took care of my (at the time) one year old daughter because the realization that this baby I carried for 37 weeks and 6 days was not here with me. My first born son, gone. Not in my arms or feeding on my breast. I’m not going to lie, it hurt, but I knew deep down that it was the best. Finally I got better, stopped crying, and cherished the little girl I had next to me every night.

Time passed, but the new family I gained from this always kept in contact with me. His mom and I became like sisters. We are closer than most could even imagine, and now that I am engaged to a wonderful man, I want this “older sister” to be next to me on my important day. Right away, I asked her if she would be my matron of honor. Of course she said yes! When I get married she won’t be bringing just one little boy to be my ring bearer, she will also be bringing his little brother as my honorary ring bearer. They surprised all of us on a visit one night at their house with the news she was pregnant. I joke with her all the time about how we need to switch kids because I have two girls and she has two boys.

Little did I know when I made an open adoption plan that it was only the first chapter to our family story.

I do believe if it wasn’t for us all meeting, for that handsome little man to be going home with them, we wouldn’t be the extra happier we are now. In four years four babies were born between the two of our little families, and it’s wonderful to think we will continue to share lives together as the chapters unfold. This adoption plan was meant to be his best chance, and in the end, it was everybody’s best chance. And it all started with a little love.



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How a Selfless Decision Made a Family

On March 22nd, I gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy. Though...
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