This Love Doesn’t Look the Same Anymore

Time flies fast when you are in love. That’s something I’ve been thinking about as my husband and I plan for our daughter’s fourth birthday.

It’s made me reminisce about the experiences we have shared and how much my love has grown for him. I remember when he brought home a puzzle box with a picture of us kissing. As I put it together, I realized a piece was missing. He had superimposed a ring on my finger and had hidden that piece so he could propose with it and the real ring.

All these years together, and my love for him has only grown. I wrote this poem as a tribute to our love and life together.


Feeling young and hopeful with laughter in our eyes

Chasing one another, blissfully unaware of passing time

No expectations, but butterflies in my stomach every time we meet

Uncertain about where this may lead


Coming home from work, you give me a gift

A puzzle for us to put together

Laughing as we force each piece in its place, once finished you pulled out a ring.

With tears in my eyes as you were down on one knee

Asking a question that could change the course of everything

This Love doesn’t look the same.

Chase gives way to commitment.

The butterflies to certainty.


I said “Yes,” now I am walking down the aisle in a white dress

Purple petals litter the walkway

And I make my way to you—

My handsome future standing before me.

Feeling young and beautiful, full of expectation, hope, and a dream.

You became my husband and I your wife. Our lives now joined for the rest of time.


Looking in the mirror as my stomach starts to grow

Expectations growing through the roof

Having a spouse and now adding a child to boot

Time has sped up, we had no clue

You hug us sweetly. Hold on tight.

This, a love of a different kind—To see you grow into a father and embrace me and our child.

We have added more to it, more joys and more expectation.

More uncertainty, tinged with a bit of fear.

You grab my hand; This love doesn’t look the same anymore


Two children and some time later

We have shared our joys and fears

Expectation has given way to understanding and the laughter in our eyes has spread to our hearts

With bedraggled hair and lines under my eyes, I find beauty of a different kind.

And appreciation for the time you have spent by my side.

Lust has given way to intimacy: To truly be known and loved.

To grow and to not give up.

Devoting time and effort and to share, still so much laughter!

No, this love doesn’t look the same anymore; this intimacy is so much better!

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