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The details of how my wife and I met are a bit fuzzy to me sometimes, and they are made all the more so by the fact that she’s destroyed all the evidence that could confirm either of our stories. (Especially because she deleted one fateful email). So since Kara shared her side, I feel a certain duty to help set the record straight! This is my take on how we met…

Before meeting Kara, I had been in college seminary. I had decided that I wasn’t going to continue on in my studies for that specific career track. So now knowing that I was free to dateI began talking to my friend Mike.

Mike was graduating that year, and I was finishing my junior year and planning to return to school in the fall. So before we left for the summer Mike had an idea to set me up with “this girl Kara”, hoping that an introduction would be all that was needed for us to connect again in the fall. I have to admit; I was intrigued, and excited about a free lunch, so I decided to go along with the plan.

I actually thought that lunch was going to be just like any old introduction, and yet as soon as the three of us got together Mike started planning our wedding and mapping out our future together.

I could tell Kara was uncomfortable, and I was uncomfortable, and Mike was really making things awkward. What made it worse was I found out quickly that I was really intrigued by this girl. I didn’t want to miss my shot before I even had the chance to ask Kara out on a date.

Still I did my best to impress her, I tried to eat and speak with good manners, and I even avoiding spilling pizza all over my lap when the uneven table rocked violently. (If anyone from Davanni’s is reading this, you’ve got an accident waiting to happen on your hands!)

At the end of the lunch Mike and I walked back to our dorms, and he was convinced that Kara had no idea it was a setup. I pointed out that talking about future family sizes is a pretty significant giveaway, but still Mike was certain that our cover wasn’t blown. After about 20 minutes, he had calmed my nerves; that is until Kara’s brother triumphantly told us that he just left Kara’s apartment, and that she had bullied him to spill the beans.

Not so secret anymore…

So I wrote Kara a brief and thoughtful email apologizing for our failed efforts, promising that I would no longer be sneaky. She quickly wrote back, and wrote an essay length email scolding us for our terrible plan. (This is where the major sticking point is, Kara swears that it was simply a paragraph explaining why our plan was doomed from the start). But since Kara was a journalism major her essay had all the marks of a A+ composition, with introductory paragraph, main body filled with arguments and supporting evidence, and then a clean summarizing paragraph. As I read on and on I was feeling a bit deflated.

But then she said it. She said that next time I shouldn’t be sneaky, because I wasn’t good at it.

“NEXT TIME!” exclaimed both Mike and I, who were reading at the same pace. “She said next time!” We jumped out of our chairs and high fived. There was going to be a next time!

It took me less than a week to set up the three-hour coffee that Kara mentioned, our first official date. I didn’t know it at the time but we’d only see each other two more times in the next year, and yet that was all it took to set our story in motion.

I don’t think our meeting went how either of us would have planned it, but few things ever do, and it gave us a great story that we’ll be arguing about for the rest of our lives! You always hear how “you’ll meet the right person when you least expect it,” and that certainly was the case for me. My life is much happier thanks to a guy with horrendous, albeit successful, matchmaking skills and my willingness to give his idea a shot. Be open to the possibilities, you never know what could happen!

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