I Believe in Celebrating National Marriage Week


It’s no secret that here at I Believe in Love that we love love. While our focus is broad, we’re very much a group of romantics. In particular, we think marriage is one of the greatest expressions of love.

That’s why we are very excited about National Marriage Week, an annual event designed to promote ways to nourish this special relationship that starts February 7 and ends February 14 (just in time for Valentine’s Day!). We’ll be publishing stories throughout the week celebrating the love many people share—or hope to share—in marriage. 

Many dream about their wedding day, yet they are increasingly delaying actually tying the knot. Why? According to one major study, what was once the cornerstone of growing into adulthood has become the capstone. More men and women are sliding into relationship milestones—like living together or having children—before making a firm commitment to one another through marriage. People sometimes delay marriage until they feel “set,” or  “ready” for it—if they get married at all. Yet research shows that married women and men are happier, healthier, wealthier, and are more satisfied in their relationships than cohabiting couples.

Part of our mission at I Believe in Love is to nourish a culture that promotes the happiness we all seek. We believe that a healthy, happy marriage is a realistic goal for men and women—no matter their personal background, income, or appearance.

But we’re not about putting marriage on a pedestal. This week is about love grounded in reality—your life—not fantasy. We’ll feature stories from real-life couples who had the wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank, stories from couples who have grown closer by sharing their struggles, and practical tips to keep the romance alive. We’ll also feature single individuals, working to be the best version of themselves while they seek lasting love.

We believe that sharing stories of hope grounded in real-life experiences helps people realize lifelong love in their own lives. Love and marriage aren’t always a fairytale, but we can find happily ever after in our own tales—our own real-life love stories.

For resources to help nourish your marriage, visit National Marriage Week USA or find them on Facebook


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