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In the U.S. today, fewer people are getting married, more marry at later ages, and fewer kids stay connected with their married moms and dads their whole life long.

Does anyone believe in love anymore?

We do! And we know you do too! And we think it’s time to help each other IBL-FacebookProfile-Blackwrite a different story about lasting love in America.

Surveys continually say that more than 80% of young adults want to marry, and stay married, for life.  They also show that this kind of life is associated with all kinds of benefits, not only for kids, but for women and men and their extended families and even communities.

Marriage. Kids. Family life. This is the good stuff of life.  You know it. You deserve to have it.  And you can have it.

I Believe in Love is a community of young adults dedicated to making those dreams come true.  Our website is written by real people telling real stories about real love.  Our goal is to understand how to get to love, marriage and family life, and how it to keep it.

Join the conversation! Email us at iBelieveinLove2013@gmail.com and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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