I Believe in Love Because it Found Me After Heartbreak

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“I believe in love because after a failed relationship, I thought I would never find another–but I did, and now I’m the happiest I have ever been.”

My first serious relationship ended when he cheated on me. When pictures started popping up on Facebook of him with her, I deleted and blocked him. I thought I would never find love again. But as it so often does, when I was almost to the point of giving up, it happened: love found me. Here is my story.

In the midst of living with the feeling that my heart had shattered into a million pieces, I received a message from a man who said that he would like to get to know me, if it was okay with me, of course. He was respectful in that way. I thought about it for a day and thought to myself, “It could not hurt to have another friend in this world,” so I messaged him back. Although I didn’t know it then, that is when I started talking to the love of my life.

I knew at the time that I needed time to heal and really think if I was able to possibly give my all to another person. I had done that once and it came back to smack me in the face. Could I really give my heart to someone else all over again? It had shattered into a million pieces and there was nobody there to put the pieces back together but myself. I needed time to before getting into another relationship.

In the meantime, my friendship with my new friend kept growing. Through lots of conversations I was getting to know him and really seeing that I could trust him. He understood about my previous relationship and that I was still hurt, and he respected my need to move slowly. He explained that he had been in a similar situation. The mother of his son had cheated on him—he had caught them in the act—so he knew the pain of having your significant other do that to you and making you feel as if you were the problem.

Eventually, we decided to actually go on a date. We went to lunch and talked and that is when he asked me to be his girlfriend and I agreed. In that moment it felt like the world had stopped revolving and time stood still. I knew by then that he was different from the last—he was so sweet and respectful and understanding. As soon as I got in the car he grabbed my hand and held it the entire ride and didn’t let go even as we walked to the door. He gave me our first kiss on that date, and I could feel the butterflies in my tummy flutter and could see the sparks fly. Our friendship had become a romance.  He was not here to hurt me but to love me, appreciate me, and give me the world that I had always dreamed of.

We’ve now been dating for almost two years, and how I feel about him is totally different than how I felt about any other person ever. He understands me to a tee. I have my own quirks and differences, but he understands that that’s what makes me myself, and I understand the same about him.

My relationship with him has proven to me that there can be love after heartbreak. One bad experience or hurtful person should not make you give up and quit trying. Not all people are not the same—there are good people out there—and they deserve a chance to show you that it is possible to believe in love again.

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