I Believe in Love Because Love Casts Out All Fear



I believe in love because love casts out all fears.

One year when I was in elementary school my parents decided to plan a little trip for our family over Christmas break. On the second day of the trip there was a huge snowstorm and the whole downtown closed down. Once the roads were opened, we decided to attempt the drive back home. We saw so many cars sliding off the roads and semi-trucks overturned in ditches.

The two hour drive took many hours and the van was silent the whole way home so my dad could focus. However, I never felt nervous because I had total trust in my dad and I knew he would get all of us home safely. And that’s exactly what happened. It was not until we got home that he admitted that he was scared to death. I felt so safe that night because the love my dad had for each of us took away all of my fear.

I realize the safety I felt on that road trip stemmed from the safety I felt in my relationships with my parents. Many years have passed since that trip and in that time I have faced many scary moments like moving away to college, relocating around the country for my job, failed relationships, and countless rough days at work. It was the love and support from my parents that helped me not only to face those hard days, but to conquer them.

Both of my parents had rough childhoods and have shared with me that they felt fearful many times during their childhood because their parents were fighting, drinking, etc. My parents learned from the mistakes their parents made and decided to reverse that trend by creating a loving home for me and my siblings to grow up in.

While I am thankful to have grown up in a loving home like this, I understand that there are many people who did not grow up feeling the unconditional love that my parents were able to provide. Knowing this has taught me to be that source of love to all those I meet.

The idea that love can help take away my fear has empowered me to be a better friend, co-worker, daughter, and—hopefully someday—a good wife and mother. I strive to love my friends and family in such a way that they feel that they can come and talk to me about anything without worrying that I will pass judgement. Growing up in a home where this was practiced daily has taught me to approach all relationships with love and acceptance.

My parents decision to reverse the trend of a bad home life that they grew up in has inspired me to live my life in a way that mimics the love they show me. Showing others love has challenged me to approach each day and every situation with an open heart and an open mind. I believe in love because love is comforting, love is accepting, and love can cast away all fears.


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