I Believe in Love Pro Tip #2: Be Self-Aware

Dating can seem complicated. Both men and women seem to think so. People like to date, but we often hear the complaint “what’s the point?”  How do we boil down the dating life into a few basic things?


Of course, every situation will be different. Anytime you start generalizing about people and their lives, you are going to get something wrong.  But there are two guidelines almost anyone can understand; self-awareness and empathy.  A successful single dating guy can always answer the question to himself, “Why am I here? Why am I with this woman (whether you know her well or not) in this place?” That’s self-awareness simplified.  And, they ask themselves the question “Why is this woman with me at this place?”  At least ask the question of yourself.  It is a version of putting yourself in someone else’s position, not to be agreeable (although that is nice) but to see both sides of the situation for your own benefit. If it helps her have a nice time with you, so much the better.

 If you don’t have some self-awareness, if you don’t have empathy (which is not the same as sympathy, look it up if you don’t know the  difference) you can bounce around for years.  You could luck into a good relationship, but before you leave it to luck, think self-awareness and empathy.

Try it and let us know if it works.

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