I Believe in Romance (Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day That Don’t Break the Bank)


It’s only fitting that National Marriage Week ends on Valentine’s Day, the annual celebration of love and romance. We believe that showing how much you care shouldn’t depend on how much you make. That’s why the I Believe in Love storytellers wanted to end the week by sharing their most romantic (and least expensive) moments. 


It was my husband’s birthday. I made a dozen different signs and taped them throughout the house. As he walked through the trail of signs, he saw different heartfelt messages about how much he means to me. The last one was right near a homemade cake and card, again telling him he was the love of my life and how much I appreciate him. ~ Victoria

My husband and I once danced in the middle of the street in New York City. It was the middle of the night, so there wasn’t much traffic, except the occasional taxi from which he had to dramatically whisk me away. We danced at our wedding, on our honeymoon, and when I was in labor with my young son. Every now and again, we still dance barefoot in our living room to a song on my phone with a candle flickering in the background. ~ Amber

I came home from work on Valentine’s Day to flowers and a card on our table. My husband made a point to make all my favorite foods for a candlelit dinner, even though he didn’t necessarily like all of them them. His actions showed me he was thinking of me and what I would want. It was simple, sweet, and thoughtful and the most romantic thing he could have done. ~ Shayla

My husband and I spent a day on the water. The whole day cost us nothing but the gas in our boat. (We have an advantage here when it comes to cost because we live on the South Carolina coast). We found an inlet with no other visitors. We felt like the only two people on earth—walking the shoreline, combing the beach for treasure, fishing and wading in the lagoon hand-in-hand. At one point, we kissed each other while underwater. While locked in our intimate embrace, I remember thinking that we were in a rather dangerous spot—it was getting toward dusk and that’s feeding time for sharks. But at that moment I felt that there was a protective bubble around us because we were so enraptured in each other’s love. We watched the sunset together, just the two of us in a world of our own. ~Allison

My husband and I walk around Target. We don’t normally shop together so it’s fun to see for each of us to see what the other is drawn to.  Normally we don’t buy anything, but every now and then, we find something for $5. It’s our own inside joke now. ~ Carrie

I went to the store to buy a deck of cards and 3 keychain rings. I punched holes in the cards and made them into a book with the keychain rings. Then I wrote one thing I loved about my boyfriend on each of the cards. It cost me almost nothing, and it meant more to him than any other gift! ~ Morgan

I woke up one morning to a note instructing me to go outside and “follow what is beautiful.” I rushed out the door to see a trail of rose petals that seemed to go on forever. I followed them to the field in my neighborhood where I found a journal lying on a bench. Inside the journal, my boyfriend Eric had written pages and pages of things he loved about me. I was so surprised and moved that I started crying. I almost didn’t see him when he came out from behind a tree and gave me a big hug! I knew right then that I wanted to marry him. And I did. ~ Shannon

The most romantic thing I have ever done would have to be just having a movie night with my boyfriend. ~ Elizabeth

It was October when I told my now-husband that I loved him for the first time. I carved “I Love You” into a pumpkin, placed a candle inside the jack-o-lantern and left it on his kitchen table for him to find. ~ Lindsy

My husband is a web developer. He once made me a website for the cost of the domain name (around $10) at chrislovesapril.com. The website featured a poem about me with beautiful slides linked to each line to illustrate their meaning. We haven’t kept that domain, so it’s no longer up. But it was a lovely way for him to show me how much he cares about me. ~ April

I’ll sometimes write love letters to Kara and hide them around the house. It gives me the chance to remember all the things I love about her, and it’s a nice surprise for her during the day. It lets me tell her I love her even when I’m not at home. ~ Adam

Exploring the woods together on a beautiful, sunny day to see where the road-less-traveled would take us ~ Mariana

I went with my date to see his favorite picture at a free museum. The picture made me think of one of my favorite poems, which we read aloud while gazing at the painting ~ Kat


Remember romance isn’t about how much you spend on a gift, but how much time and effort you spend. Whether you are married, dating, or single take a moment today to celebrate the people in your life who matter most to you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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