I Need

I need

I need someone who can handle me
because I am a lot to handle
someone who knows how to tangle
and untangle
I am good at both.

I need someone who won’t be intimidated by me.
Who can walk up to me in a crowd,
when I am surrounded by girlfriends
and hold my attention with his eyes
Who can flirt shamelessly
and trade insults for insults
without injury but maybe
still want to make up

I need someone who can
stand toe to toe with me.
I won’t back down.
Who can hold a conversation
who will woo me with corny pick up lines
who will own his mistakes,
maybe even more than he
owns his accomplishments.
but not so much that he
beats himself up over it.

I need a man.
straight up.
no chaser.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Kelsi Barr


Veronica is a nomad who has accidentally ended up in North Carolina. She likes long walks in the woods and taking pictures of strangers. Veronica joined I Believe in Love because she is too opinionated to keep her thoughts to herself, yet too polite to shout them from the street corner.

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I Need

I need I need someone who can handle me because I am...
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