Love is in the Little Things

little moments

I filled up my cup with fresh coffee and reached for the creamer in the fridge.

When I picked it up, I noticed there was only enough left for one person. I decided to let my husband take the last of the creamer when he got up.

I did the grocery shopping and arrived home late in the afternoon. I went to place the newly-purchased creamer in the fridge and  noticed the old was still there. I picked it up and shook it—still just a little left.

As my husband entered the kitchen, I asked him if he had any coffee that morning. He said he had two cups. “You didn’t want the creamer?” I asked.

“Well, I saw there was just a little left, so I decided to save the last for you,” he replied. I laughed and told him, “I saw that there was a little left, and so I decided to save the last for you.”

I think love is often found in the special moments of thoughtfulness, the ones that are so small we can sometimes overlook them. If we are busy looking for grand gestures, we can miss the true magnitude of the small tokens of love shown to us throughout the day.

I find it helpful to sit down sometimes and think about the many ways my husband shows his love for me so that I don’t take them for granted. Especially when little annoying things seem to stand out, it’s helpful to remember there are a lot of good things too if I just take a moment to notice them.  

When a couple chooses to be thoughtful of their partner’s needs and desires in the every day routines, it makes their love deeper and their passion for one another that much stronger. The little things are important because they can add up to something big.

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