“Marriage is dead.” “It’s an outdated institution.” “A relic of the past.”

This is what the world has to say about marriage these days. This is what they want us to believe.

But we are millennials who believe differently.

We were raised by a generation that struggled to make marriage work. For many of us, our parents’ divorces left us disoriented and betrayed. When our parents remarried, many of us struggled to find comfort and security in our new families. We want our kids to feel safe, secure, and loved in their homes, so we are motivated to make our own marriages work. For them and for us.

Our eyes are wide open to the challenges life can bring. Some of us have struggled to find stable work and financial security. Some have suffered or watched loved ones suffer serious illnesses—cancer, depression, addiction, PTSD—to name a few. Some of us have faced discrimination and judgment simply because of the way we look, dress, or talk. We believe we don’t have to face these challenges by ourselves, that two hearts and minds are better than one. We are hopeful that strong friendships, intentional relationships, and the lasting love found in marriage and family will empower us to face these challenges together.

Sex-ed, the media, and the rest of the culture taught us to practice “safe sex.” They didn’t tell us that condoms and other birth control couldn’t protect us from the heartbreak, confusion, and humiliation uncommitted sex could cause. We have discovered that sex involves our bodies, minds, and souls. Its ability to create a whole new life is an incredible manifestation of the power of a man and a woman together. Our children deserve to see their mom and dad love each other through life. Therefore, we believe sex is most empowering in the lasting love found in marriage.

We are navigating a dating scene that is at times confusing. Technology has given us so many tools to communicate, but its speed, brevity, and non-stop connectivity sometimes makes it more difficult for people to hear and compassionately understand each other. Many of us didn’t have the benefit of seeing our parents successfully work through relationship problems. Movies and television show us stories of love that are adventurous, magical, and easy; yet our experiences of love often fall far short of those expectations. We are learning that lasting love requires us to both know ourselves and to be self-sacrificing, to give people the look of love they crave, and to choose to love, even in the most difficult moments.

We are not alone in this journey. We are a part of the 80 percent of millennials who desire marriage. We are telling a better story about lasting love in America. Join us!

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