My Dad’s Example Of Love In Action

A vivid memory from my childhood is getting up with my dad well before humans are supposed to get out of bed (looking back, it was probably about 6 am) and heading to local grocery stores, where my dad would pick up bread, pastries, and other goods to drop off at our local food pantries. I didn’t realize it at the time but those car rides and conversations have powerfully impacted the man I am today, and they remain some of my favorite memories.

Adam and his kids.
Adam and his kids.

My dad didn’t try to explicitly teach me anything on these trips, but I saw his generosity and sacrifice as an act of love. We would never meet most of the people my dad was serving, during these trips I saw him give of himself with no thought of getting anything in return. Growing up I’d be exposed to a lot of different definitions of love, in movies, music, and by my peers. And many of those definitions competed with each other. My dad taught me that love is about giving to others and he did it in a way that showed me the beauty of this message. That was such a gift, because when I encountered different messages I was able to walk away from counterfeits because they just weren’t as attractive.

Jason Brown farming Sweet potatoes.
Jason Brown farming Sweet potatoes.

This memory has reminded me why I found this video so beautiful. The video shares the story of a former NFL star, Jason Brown, who walked away from millions of dollars to become a farmer. Never having farmed before, Brown taught himself to farm on YouTube and gives his produce away to the needy. As Brown says in the video, “Love is the most wonderful currency that you can give anyone” and he’s provided a beautiful example of that love in action!

I hope that I can love like my father, and like Mr. Brown, and seeing these examples goes a long way in helping me learn how. Who are the examples of true love in your life? How do you think service and generosity fit into love?

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