How My Friends Got Me to Take a Chance on Love

The first time I met my husband, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. I thought he was kind of cute in a certain way and definitely pretty mysterious, but there were no immediate fireworks.

I could sense that he might be interested in me from the get-go, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. At that time in my life, after a string of bad relationships, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to date or ever get married at all—and my first impression of Eric wasn’t enough to change my mind.

But we had the same friend group so he kept coming around, often hanging out at my house with other people when my roommates invited friends over. I wish I could say I liked him more as I got to know him, but the truth is he was pretty shy and quiet around me. I never really saw his personality come out, and I can remember one time in particular being completely taken aback when one of my roommates laughed about how funny he is. Eric? I thought to myself, mystified.

One evening my phone rang and his voice was on the other end of the line, inviting me to go out to dinner with him. I actually had the nerve to tell him I would think about it and call him back! He should have forgotten me right then and there, but luckily he didn’t.

I hurriedly gathered my roommates and told them about his invitation. I didn’t think I had feelings for him, so I didn’t want to lead him on when I was pretty sure it wouldn’t go anywhere. And also, to be fair, I didn’t think I wanted to date anyone. But my friends wouldn’t hear of it.

“You have to go! Do it for us,” they said good-naturedly. Maybe they had a hunch we would hit it off once the awkwardness was gone, or maybe they were just curious about the possibility of us as a couple and wanted to see what would happen. One thing was for certain; it was obvious that they all liked him and trusted him with someone they loved. That spoke volumes about the kind of person he was. So I said yes.

That first date didn’t end in fireworks or me falling in love. But it was the beginning of a fun, casual friendship that grew and deepened over time. And at one point, months later, I realized I was in love with Eric and never wanted to live without him. We began dating, much to the delight of those girls who had urged me to give him a chance. And on our wedding day, we had some loyal and amazing friends to celebrate with.

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