My Husband the dreamer

The other day as we were driving, my husband turned to me and said, “If I ever had to make a career change, I think it would be awesome to be a zookeeper. I’d get to visit the animals every day for free!”

Adam bear In reality, I’m about 99.9999% sure that will never happen (at least I hope and pray it doesn’t, he knows how much I love zoos), but I can never be fully certain with him. You see, my husband is a dreamer. One of the very qualities that I found so attractive about him when we first met can now, at times, make me lose my head if I’m not careful.

Some of his dreams are realistic, like becoming a professor or owning a horse someday. Then there are those, such as canoeing into work each day or spending a summer in Europe, that are mainly adventurous. Others, like becoming a zookeeper or a deep-sea fisherman off the coast of Alaska, have led me to list off all 1,352 ways he could potentially die as a result. And I can do it in under five minutes flat.

It’s true, I’ve had my fair share of flip out moments after hearing Adam’s latest idea. I hear, “I’d like to do ‘x’ someday,” and immediately I think that means that he, or I should say we, will do it. For me, whenever I’ve had a dream, it’s been something realistic, something that I’ve either worked hard for or patiently waited for.

Adam mansionHowever, for my husband I’ve found that while he in fact has fulfilled some of his dreams, there isn’t a dream too small or too large that isn’t worth dreaming. He doesn’t care if some of them don’t come true – and he doesn’t expect them all to, either. For as many times as I’ve thought, “Where the heck did that one come from? Do I even know you??” I’ve also thought, “Wow! That would be so cool! Do you think we could really do that someday?”

Adam cannonWhile I know we won’t realize all of our dreams, it’s important that my husband keeps dreaming and that he encourages me to dream with him, that we keep our sense of adventure for ourselves and for our children’s sake. It’s also just as important that we realize that we’re living our dream now. Sure, we may not have our plot of land with a little house and a garden and chickens yet (and we may never will), but we have each other, our children and lots of love to go around.

To stop dreaming means to stop hoping, and I hope we never do that.

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