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Life is never easy. It presents new challenges every single day. There can be many different types of challenges, and lately for me the challenge has been a money challenge. I have not made the best decisions in life when it comes to my finances and now is the time for me to work to correct those decisions. I will be 30 years old in May and I know it’s about time that I stop playing and get serious. It is time to face the music and fess up to my procrastinating self-destruction when it comes to money.

Even though I want to get out of public housing and have my own house to decorate and do what I please with, it seems I’ll never reach that dream. I don’t want my kids growing up around here more than they have to, either. So today I devised a plan. This plan consists of getting out of public housing and paying off my $15,000 debt, which are mainly student loans. That dream is now a goal.

Money is very tight right now and I am working a new job to provide for my family. Often times I know that I have a bill coming up, but still choose to spend that money on something that I do not need, thus putting myself deeper in the hole. I usually think I’ll figure it out later and usually do, but that means borrowing money from people, which is something I hate doing.

The program that I am starting is the Dave Ramsey Financial plan. It consists of seven baby steps to reaching financial freedom. So starting today I am done buying things we don’t necessarily need and start saving money or at least make sure the bills get paid before anything else. I have made some goals as to where I want to be at each month and I am determined to reach them. I have a good job and there is absolutely no reason that I can’t achieve my goals and obtain my dream of financial freedom.

Every day is not always new for me; a lot of the time it involves doing the same things day in and day out. I get up very early go to work as a local school bus driver. I then come home on break and either take a nap or catch up on all the house work I’ve been neglecting. It seems like there is always a never ending pile of laundry to be folded and a huge load of dishes in the sink awaiting my hands to wash them. After my break, I got back to work and finish my afternoon route. When I get done for the day, I have just enough time to see my boyfriend for 20 minutes before he goes off to night school. Then it is time for me to throw dinner together while juggling homework help with my kids. If we are lucky, we have time to relax before they go to bed. In the end, this hard and repetitive routine is worth it because it helps me provide for my children.

While my days are long, the bills pile up and my kids take all of my energy, I am making these financial changes for my kids. When it comes to my kids, getting out of debt would mean that they can get all that they need. It would mean that I can take them on family vacations that I never got to go on and afford to pay for their college. I could set them up a little nest egg for when they need it. I’m not talking about spoiling my kids, my goal is to just giving them a chance that I never had. The love I have for my kids gives me the strength and determination to work hard to pay off my debt, one step and one day at a time.

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  • Hi, Brittany! I always look forward to reading your blogs/articles. I can tell that you have a good heart and love your children very much – they are blessed to have you as their mother. I am so impressed with all of the changes you’ve been making in your life, like redefining what love means and living that out in your dating relationships, working on your finances, etc. You are striving for and achieving great things, and you deserve great things. Keep up the good work, and God bless you and your family!

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