My Marriage Isn’t a Disney Dream- It’s Better


I’ve always been a huge fan of anything Disney. I remember my favorite thing as a child was to curl up under a blanket and watch all the animated movies. Particularly those stories involving a Princess that found her Prince! I loved how the women in those stories always went from some tragic event or hardship to a “Happily Ever After.” No issue was insurmountable because someday her prince would come.

I never really saw myself as the type of woman that would grow up just to search for prince charming, but eventually it became one of my major aspirations in life. I even went as far as to work for Disney right after college in hopes of finding whirlwind romance that would catapult me into paradise. I know looking back how silly that sounds, but I suppose logic isn’t always at play when you are searching for love.

Despite all my imagineering, it wasn’t until after I stopped working for Disney that I met my husband. We were practically inseparable from the moment we met! I believed with every fiber in my being that I had not only met the perfect man for me, but that even those things that stood out as red flags would easily be conquered by our love for each other. Five years and two kids later, I can now confidently sit here and report that my marriage is our “happily ever after.” It’s just not the one I expected from Disney movies.

Part of me is sad to report that Disney-style “Happily Ever Afters” do not exist. Reality tends to present itself at some point. Your relationship can be affected by everything from a broken down vehicle, death, an inconsolable newborn or a wounded ego. I feel like our culture tends to encourage every young person to expect unrealistic perfection in ourselves and in our relationships. But with a little hard work and dedication from both parties you can find a love that goes much deeper than any Disney prince or princess ever experienced.

The “happily ever after” I received has been more like a roller coaster ride than anything else. Complete with the high highs, low lows and the occasional loop. My husband and I may argue, but there are always moments of growth. I don’t always feel like a beautiful princess when we disagree, but he’s always there to wipe away my tears after I ‘ugly cry.’ We’re both there to nurse each other back to a better version of ourselves with every difficulty we face.

When things get really tough we know that we have someone in our corner no matter how flawed we are. My marriage is so much better than a Disney fantasy. No, my husband isn’t by any means perfect.  But thank God he isn’t, because it means I don’t have to be either! I didn’t find my “savior prince”, but I have found my partner for life! I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this small world after all.

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