My New Year’s Resolution is Personal Revolution


The first week of 2017, I was already four days behind on my New Year’s resolutions because I hadn’t yet written them down.  When I finally did get around to writing them out I made a typo—I hit a “v” instead of an “s” and so the word turned out to be “revolution.” I don’t think that was an accident.  I realized that revolution is precisely what I needed in my life.   That’s right—a forcible overthrow of any dark clouds that have been blocking my view of the light around me.


My typical ambitious fitness goals were just one of my resolutions that needed tweaking. My new year’s “revolution” is finding a fitness regimen that fits my life.  In the past, unrealistic fitness goals would overshadow the rest of my life. This year, I’m breaking through the cloud cover with the confidence that I don’t have to look like a model to please my husband or be healthy.  


I also wanted to tone and sculpt my day job. I wanted to be in control of work and not feel like work was in control of me.  It was time for another revolution.  I quit my job, and found something that better fits my current needs and those of my family. Now I’m a nanny during the same hours that my kids are in school.  Now when I return home, I’m not too tired to give my husband and children the time and attention they need.  And let me tell you, my little ten-month-old boss is way cuter than any I’ve had before.  Yes, the light is shining through!


I’m learning that I can choose joy even when life’s challenges get me under the weather. Moods are contagious, and I can contribute to a healthy the emotional climate in my marriage by how I respond to life’s challenges. I have always been amazed at how my family feeds off of my behavior or tone.  If I’m happy, so are they.  If I’m worried, they get concerned as well. I had to ask myself: Do I value my marriage enough to put my worries, troubles and pains aside? I can choose to only look at the dark clouds. Sometimes life gets stormy, there’s no denying that.  But I can also look beyond them into the light that has always been there.

This is my resolution of revolution.  I cannot always be Super-Allison, but I can make better choices that will make me a better wife and mother every day.  Choosing to live a life of joy will in turn foster a joyful marriage.  Here’s to a sunny spirit, no matter the forecast!

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