When Did We Become Boring?

A few nights ago my husband and I sat down to dinner and a movie. (Sometimes we eat at the kitchen table, other times we eat while watching the news or an interesting documentary and talk about it.)

It was pretty much a carbon copy of the previous night. And the one before that. And, actually, the entire week. Definitely not the material for an interesting documentary.

I turned to my husband and asked, “Is our marriage boring?”

I asked that question mostly as a joke about how routine our lives had become. At the same time, I was curious about what he thought.

I suppose a small part of me worried about what it would be like once the magic of the honeymoon period wore off. When Robert and I were preparing for marriage, that’s what we were warned a lot about.

Would we run out of things to talk about? Would we get bored with seeing the same face day after day? Doing the same old laundry?

We were told things like, “That little quirk of your spouse’s, maybe the way he laughs, that you thought was so cute when you were dating can get annoying later on.” As if to say that once things settle into a routine the marriage will get boring, and the little things will become more annoying than special.

And so perhaps I’ve been worried that boring would ultimately mean bad, which prompted my question.

My husband just looked at me, smiled, and said, “I hoped marriage would be like this.”

I smiled back at him and knew he was referencing something I had said earlier. I had told him that one of my favorite parts of our marriage is running boring errands—because we get to do them together. And it made me happy to know that he felt the same way.

Boring hasn’t proven bad at all. It’s been fun to build our own life together—literally, as we fix up the house.

Work, dinner, and a movie is special because it is routine. Our routine. And it’s in sharing these little everyday things that I truly feel we are loving each other all the days of our lives.

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When Did We Become Boring?

A few nights ago my husband and I sat down to dinner...
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