One Good Deed Deserves Another

imageMy boyfriend Frankie is a simple guy.  He likes hockey, football and music.  When it comes to our free time, it is usually spent with friends sitting around playing cards or a board game.  It is very rare that we have an occasion to dress up and attend an event. So when my cousin invited us to a semi-formal holiday party, I jumped at the chance.  Guess who didn’t jump?  You got it, Frankie. At first I thought it was the idea of dressing up that turned him off; he only owns one tie.  But I figured out quickly the reason he didn’t want to go was because the Eagles were playing the Giants on the same day.  His argument (even though the Eagles had no chance of getting into the playoffs) was that his home team was playing their biggest rival.  He wouldn’t be a true fan if he missed it.  At first I was disappointed, but then I decided I would go by myself. Why not?

I remember feeling excited getting ready for the party.  I bought a dress at Macy’s on sale and borrowed fancy jewelry from a friend. I felt like a princess.

When I arrived at the event, no one was surprised to see me without a date.  Frankie’s not the type to attend this kind of party.  I was seated at my table, with the empty chair next to me, trying very hard to enjoy talking to everyone around me. But I felt lonely.  I excused myself so I could step outside and call Frankie.

Walking across the room, I noticed the outside doors open, and Frankie standing right there in front.  He was dressed in a pressed shirt and tie, with khakis and his work boots on. His idea of semi-formal attire!  We had so much fun that night and his surprise visit and a sweet slow dance together made it even better. He made a big sacrifice to please me so a few weeks later I threw him a Super Bowl party just to let him know that I cared about his needs, too.

How has your boyfriend amazed you by doing something you would never expect (but hoped for)?

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One Good Deed Deserves Another

My boyfriend Frankie is a simple guy.  He likes hockey, football and...
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