Our Table, Made With Love



For the past few weeks, every time I come into my kitchen, I smile. Where a rickety table once stood is now a beautiful farmhouse table, loving built by my husband.

Really, it’s lovely.

I’m excited about all the things my family will do around this table: share meals, laugh, argue, play games and color pictures. It is where we will bond, solve problems and grow in love. And it was built with my husband’s hands.

I’ve waited a while for this table. For our entire marriage Adam and I have eaten our meals around a table that had seen better years. It was a table that I first learned to eat at as a child, first belonging to my parents. The table came with me to college and when I moved to my first job. The first meal I ever cooked for Adam we ate around that table.

But over the past few years the table began to fall apart. Screws would fall out and no matter how often we’d put them back in they just didn’t want to stay.

So last year on our five-year anniversary, Adam said he’d build me a table. He knew I’d been eyeing numerous farmhouse tables on Pinterest and so he gave me the gift of building one.

But a year passed by with no table, so as we neared our sixth anniversary this past July I told him all I wanted were a couple dates marked off on his calendar so that the table could be built.

He delivered.

It was fun to watch as the table was being built, my oldest two children at his side “helping.” I watched him sand the wood, and thought about how in many ways, this is what the table would do to us – smoothing out the rough edges of our personalities as we sit around it having discussions and disagreements, laughter and fun. This table that would endure spill after spill and be wiped clean again and again made me think about how often Adam and I would seek forgiveness sitting there.

While the table turned out beautiful, it didn’t turn out perfect – again so much like relationships in real life. We made a compromise on a noticeable imperfection on the tabletop that got rid of the mark, but saved Adam hours of work. And when it was finally time to attach the top to the base, the slight warped-ness of the top pulled the base out of alignment, causing the table to rock back and forth. It was frustrating, especially for Adam.

But we solved that problem, too. Just like we’ll continue to solve problems in the future, many of them around that table. As for Adam, well now that I know he can build things, I have a new list of projects ready and waiting!

Photo credit: McKay Savage

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