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A few years ago when Pinterest first emerged on the digital scene, I was mesmerized by it. Pinterest caters all too well to perfectionist planners like myself. Before long I, like most girls, found myself with a wedding board. This board set up a lot of expectations for myself and for the man I someday hoped to marry.

10155102_10201948536861319_1668857406399867959_nI so cleverly labeled my Pinterest board “Merge” in homage to my alma mater’s reputation for alumni marriages or mergers as we called them. I filled my wedding board with hundreds of hopes and desires for an event that was no-where in the near future. Somewhere along the way, Matt and I got together and my love for both him and Pinterest grew more and more.

Since graduating and accepting my current job at a start-up in Cincinnati that works largely with Pinterest, I have become all the more obsessed with planning and perfecting my life. Working on Pinterest doesn’t help the cause. Matt is forced to continually remind me how important and beautiful this phase of life is.

There is something fun and irreplaceable about being a twentysomething that I don’t want to miss out on. Still, I let beautiful inspiration on Pinterest convince me to look past my current life, to the future life—the wedding, the home, and the children—that I don’t yet have. There is nothing wrong with this desire to daydream of what might be, but I fear I’m missing out on the now.

One evening, while taking a walk, I was caught up in planning and talking about the future. Matt interrupted me to point out that we are young, have steady jobs, and are in a great relationship. He reminded me that today is a beautiful and important part of the journey and by planning too far ahead; I might miss the beauty of it.

I don’t think I will ever be able to give up my Pinterest obsession or stop planning the Pinterest-worthy wedding of my dreams, but I don’t want to sacrifice being truly in the now. The future holds so much excitement, but today is a part of the journey and no less important.

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