A Poem in Tribute to a Loved One

I wrote this poem for the man who has been a father figure to me, even when I was at rock-bottom in my life and struggling with heroin addiction. He has taught me a lot about what it means to love, especially during his battle with cancer.


Am I selfish for wanting you to stay with me?

Please don’t leave.

I already said goodbye, see you later, to my mother

I don’t want to say it to a father, too.


I know the Lord can heal you and I pray every day you wake up healed.

I know you always told us it will happen in the Lord’s time,

And only his time—

But Lord knows I am not ready for that yet.


I honestly don’t think I could ever prepare myself to be ready.

Since the day I heard the news my heart


Seeing you go through the stages of your disease reminds me of my own.


You were there for me in my best days and were beside me for my worst days.

You walked me through and out of addiction

You were so sick you couldn’t take care of yourself—

But you took care of us.


Unconditional love

You know, most say I’m crazy—out of my mind even

But then I just get even

Because I still love you through this


You were there when I had nothing

Like a prodigal

I was no obligation of yours

But to you that meant nothing


Unconditional love

You took me in

You saw me through

I will now stand by you


Even when death is at the door

And it hurts to be close

Death is not as strong as—


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