Shared Values and Dating

kara profile picOne September evening back in 2008, a man, who less than two years later would become my husband, took me on our first date to a small Chinese restaurant.  I was a little (okay, a lot) nervous, as it was the first time we were seeing each other in about a year.  I suspect he was pretty nervous, too.  Yet, neither of us thought twice about saying grace together before beginning our meal.

When it came time to leave, the waiter approached with only the classic fortune cookies.  When we (or I should say, my husband) asked for the bill, the waiter simply said it was taken care of.  Looking around the small restaurant we locked eyes with a lady at the table next to us who couldn’t remain anonymous any longer.  She confessed to the paying our bill, saying she was impressed that a young couple out on a date would pray together.

It may have been impressive to her, but to me it was one of many signs that pursuing a relationship with this man was worthwhile.

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Even before I met my husband, I knew that having shared values was something I was looking for in a spouse. I was once told that marriage is hard enough, and it becomes more difficult if the couple believe in different things. So for me, I knew I that in order to share a life together and raise children with my husband, I needed to be able to share faith and prayer with him. While this wasn’t the only shared value I was looking for, it definitely was at the top.

What about you? What kind of shared values are you looking for/did you find in a spouse? Have any of those values become more or less important as you got to know your significant other?

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Shared Values and Dating

One September evening back in 2008, a man, who less than two...
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