A Perfect Date Is Sharing Stories On A Swing Set

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The single life is an exciting one. You never know when you might meet someone special.

I was introduced to Mike through a mutual friend, and we quickly figured out we had taken piano lessons together growing up. We reminisced about how the week we swapped instructors for the “mean one” was the worst week of the year.

For our first date, we got custard at a local drive-in and then headed to the park to go on the swings. I always enjoy swinging on the swing sets during a date because it lets you see if your potential future life buddy can let down their guard and act like a little kid. It works perfectly for first dates as you swing back and share what has brought you to this point in life.

I could tell right away that family was very important to Mike as he shared stories about his three other brothers whom he called his best friends. We both shared how our parents had met, and I was encouraged by his quirkiness when answering such questions as what hybrid animal he would choose to be.

As we walked around the park and chased ducks, I started to realize and understand why it hadn’t worked with anyone else. If it had, I wouldn’t have been there, sharing in that particular moment, laughing and chatting with this intelligent, funny, and attractive doctor and triathlete.

We sat on the bench and talked for hours. When he walked me to my door, I asked if he wanted the grand tour of my little life haven. We sat down on the piano bench and tried to remember songs. I think we were too aware of the person sitting next to us to concentrate on the notes on the page and just like that as I turned my head we shared our first kiss.

No one knows where a relationship might go. But the beginning, the butterflies, and the hopefulness for what could be, well, that feeling is hard to replicate, and the reason I believe in love.

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A Perfect Date Is Sharing Stories On A Swing Set

The single life is an exciting one. You never know when you...
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