Find You a Man You Can Be Your Childish Self With

What’s a perfect date night? A lot of people might immediately think: a glass of fine wine, violins playing in an expensive candlelit restaurant, or horseback riding on a beach.

Here’s what I think of: cheap eats from a small family owned restaurant, unusually warm 80 degree weather, crunchy leaves on the ground and a hand to hold …. a perfect November night in Michigan.

My boyfriend Nathan and I love taking walks together, so after our dinner date we dropped our food off in my car and took a walk through the neighborhood we had parked in. It was a pretty neighborhood filled with beautiful colonial houses. Hand in hand, we made our way in the twilight talking and laughing.

I was casually looking down at the pavement every now and again because, I am not always the most graceful human and I always seem to find the uneven part of the sidewalk.

It was just another walk like any other, Except for the fact that there were crunchy, gorgeous leaves coating the sidewalks.

That’s when I saw it. A really crunchy looking carpet of leaves dead ahead that I just couldn’t ignore. My four-year-old instincts kicked in, I stomped right through them.

I glanced up at Nathan to gage his reaction, expecting to see at least some confusion in his face. We’re both adults, right?

But he didn’t miss a beat; he grabbed my hand and jumped with me through the next stretch of leaves. Just a couple of giggling overgrown toddlers playing in the leaves.

That moment helped me realize that love can be silly. Love isn’t always dripping with refinement and pretty words. And sometimes our actions speak louder than words. He tightening his hold on my hand as we stomped forward through the leaves said a lot. It showed me that someone who truly loves you will embrace your authentic, goofy self.

Here’s my message to you. Find you a man you can stomp through leaves with. That goofball is going to make your life a zillion times better.


Bailey's roots are deep in the breathtaking, freshwater abundant, mitten shaped state of Michigan! She is a hopeful romantic with a passion for writing and an affinity for Chamomile tea and smiling. I am thrilled to be a part of I Believe in Love because I want to share that hopeful love with others.
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