The Simple Way I Show Him I Appreciate Him

“Find you a man …”

So, anytime my boyfriend Nathan does something inspiring/helpful/kind/awesome I take a moment, put my hand to my heart, and say, “Find you a man who …” When I say it, he always smiles.

I cannot remember what exactly he did that inspired this the first time, but I know he did something gallant and sweet and it was just a gut reaction. My hand found my heart and the words just came to me.

I’d always hoped I would find a man who would cherish me. A man who would respect me in mind, body, and heart. Who would laugh, listen, and pray with me. Another hopeful romantic. Nathan is all of this and more.

He makes me feel beautiful, confident, and leaves no doubt that I am cherished. I want to show him that I don’t take that for granted.  Saying “Find You A Man…” became my way of reminding him how much he matters to me.

In a previous story, I gave an example of a “Find You a Man” moment when he grabbed my hand to run through the leaves with me.That one is particularly memorable, but here are a couple other examples:

When Nathan brings me a bouquet of flowers just because, I’ll say (cue hand to heart) “find you a man who brings you some roses and wildflowers just because.” Or when he moves me to the inside of the sidewalk and makes sure he’s the one walking closest to traffic. Hand + Heart = “find you a man who keeps you safe and makes sure you aren’t walking close to traffic.”

“Find you a man …” is my way of expressing my appreciation for him. It also expresses and my hope that other women will find and keep someone like him. “Find you a man …” and then recognize love in the little and the big moments, never take him for granted,  love him the way he loves you.

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