A Poem For Him: I Never Knew Me Before I Met You


I wrote this poem for my husband. It is about how the love he has for me helped me finally find and accept myself. Our personalities are so different, yet we’ve learned throughout our marriage that we are stronger together. I’m dedicating this poem to him and the love we share. 

A self image jaded by the likes of life

A broken mirror shattered in a million pieces

forever searching to find one whole

To see the good in me

Always hoping to see more

Introduced to you one day

Never expecting the gift it came to be

Finding a friend with whom I could share laughter

Never thinking I’d find a life long partner

I had forever battled my self doubt alone

Until you, my love came and knocked that prison down

Crazy to think that in your arms I find strength

In your eyes a reflection of my soul

Someone in me I could learn to love

Take the lead so I may follow


In your black and white thoughts

I find containment for all my powerful emotion

Balance to my passion

A method to my madness

What has been seen as cold indifference

I now see as thought out caution

So much more to you than meets the eye

You are the dose of medicine I have needed in this life


Oh, the smile that breaks through as you look my way

In that smile I see a future untethered by pain

By the things that broke and chiseled pieces of me away

In us I have discovered so much more

The light of day has become brighter the closer that we come together

So much potential doesn’t even touch the truth

To put it simply, so beautifully, I have never known me until you


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